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What Makes a Great Gas Boiler Service?

Gas boiler servicing or repairing concept. Toolbox with tools on the kitchen. 3d illustration

Not every gas boiler service is equal. While many offerings might seem identical, the details can make a dramatic difference to your own gas boiler maintenance and servicing. If you are having problems with your central heating system, or if you just seek a hassle-free solution to all your boiler needs, read on to find…


How Much Will a New Boiler Cost?

How Much Will a New Boiler Cost?

At some point, your boiler may start screaming for a replacement. It might be feeling the effects of wear and tear or simply needing an upgrade. Either of these scenarios leaves you asking, “How much will a new boiler cost?” We will help you figure that out. Every boiler needs constant maintenance to ensure it…


The Benefits of Yearly Gas Boiler Service

Do you really need a gas boiler service? Don’t the units, more or less, take care of themselves? My boiler is new; why do I need a service? Can’t I just service it myself? If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. One study found that millions of UK homeowners are at risk due to…


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